Raging across Sonoma County, the firestorm of 2017 urgently reminds us not just of haunting devastation by fire, but of community resilience, compassion and something equally as pressing -- prevention.

Having had the opportunity to create new firewise designs for fire the survivors of Sonoma County, has opened our eyes to the direct impact landscaping has on the safety of our homes and communities. In fact, incorporating just a few key elements can greatly reduce your home’s fire risk, adding to the safety of your home and those of the community around you.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates the following factors:

  1. Fire Risk

  2. Exposure

  3. Deer Resistance

  4. Water Needs

Each property is uniquely considered during our planning process. For example, when planning a landscape for a higher-risk property--homes surrounded by large mature trees and/or adjacent to natural forest and woodland areas--we consider clearing trees near the home and choosing plants with a lower flammability rating. We carefully consider plant selection and placement, incorporating non or low-flammable materials, required maintenance and irrigation.

With the right planning, you can enjoy a beautiful yard full of trees, lush plants, and color.

Our Work in Sonoma


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